Policy Change for Transgender Prisoners

The government announced changes to prison regulations affecting transgender prisoners. We view the government’s announced policy change as a positive development for transgender prisoners in New Zealand.

Surveying Rights

Opportunities for Constitutional Review The Equal Justice Project has had a busy year tackling different topics of interest on equal rights. One such area is that of human rights for disabled people. The On Campus group was approached by Dr Huhana Hickey (a lawyer and disability rights advocate) to assist with preparing a paper for the New Zealand Centre for …

Battering the Law

After a history of abuse and victimhood, Ms Wihongi fatally stabbed Mr Hirini in June 2009. In R v Wihongi, Ms Wihongi was denied appeal to the Supreme Court and has exhausted all domestic remedies. EJP Pro Bono and On Campus were asked to prepare research on the possibility of an appeal to the United Nations Human Rights Committee or the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women.

Making Waves in the Media

The Pro Bono Team’s research on the rights of transgender prisoners, in conjunction with Kelly Ellis, has sparked wide attention in the media.

The Law and Legality

The Equal Justice Project Pro Bono team recently had the opportunity to undertake important research regarding the principle of legality in New Zealand. Our research concerned the application of this principle to two cases that are currently before the courts – both of which have received substantial media coverage in recent months.

Transgender Prisoners’ Rights Ignored

Transgender people are especially vulnerable in prisons due to the transient nature of their biological and identified gender. The Pro Bono team was asked to conduct research into the current legal position regarding the treatment of transgender prisoners in New Zealand.

Supreme Work

EJP Pro Bono does research for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court.

12 More Weeks

EJP On Campus makes an argument to increase paid parental leave before a Select Committee.