Mission Statement
The Equal Justice Project (EJP) is a non-partisan pro bono charity that applies law students’ legal training and knowledge to promote social equality, inclusivity, and access to justice in our local and wider community.

What We Do
Founded in 2005 by two students at the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Law, EJP now mobilises over 100 law student volunteers annually. We put our mission statement into practice  through our four main projects: Access, Communications, Community and Pro Bono.

  • The Access team presents to educational providers about civics and legal topics, and organises bi-annual panel discussions (symposia) on topical legal issues at the University of Auckland.
  • The Communications team produces articles and parliamentary bill submissions and works across social media platforms to foster discussion of the law’s role in promoting social justice.
  • The Community team provides ongoing assistance to Community Law Centres and other community facilities around Auckland, which offer advice and support to those in our community that cannot afford representation or legal assistance.
  • The Pro Bono team provides research and analytical support to practitioners, academics, interest organisations, and community groups who share EJP’s goals.

EJP was awarded runner-Up General Club of the Year at the University of Auckland in 2014 and 2017 and a Certificate of Achievement in the Mitre 10 New Zealand Community of the Year category of the 2018 New Zealander of the Year Awards.

Please note work done for the Equal Justice Project cannot go towards any University of Auckland course work, including but not limited to: LAWGENRL 405, LAWGENRL 447, and LAWPUBL 461.

If you have any enquiries about the Equal Justice Project, please contact our Co-Directors at directors@equaljusticeproject.co.nz.

See our Media Policy here.

See our Constitution here.

End of Year Reports:

In 2017 we were given official charity status! You can find us on the Charities Register here.

Previous Executive Teams:


  • Co-Directors: Jane Wang and Ella Stolwerk
  • Access Co-Managers: Gussie Cohen and Chloe Wilson
  • Communications Co-Managers: Daniel Gambitsis and Claudia Russell
  • Community Co-Managers: Alex Sims and Katie Pigou
  • Pro Bono Co-Managers: Imogen Little and Lucy Kelly


  • Co-Directors: Jade Magrath and Ella Stolwerk
  • Access Co-Managers: Mariata Pittman and Charlotte Marsh
  • Communications Co-Managers: Rebecca Hallas and Daniel Gambitsis
  • Community Co-Managers: Urvashi Singh and Maree Cassaidy
  • Pro Bono Co-Managers: Christina Laing and Holly Edmonds


  • Co-Directors: Rayhan Langdana and Jade Magrath
  • Access Co-Managers:  Maree Cassaidy and Linda Lim
  • Communications Co-Managers: Eugenia Woo and Rebecca Hallas
  • Community Co-Managers: Alice Palmer and Honor Kerry
  • Pro Bono Co-Managers: Jack Alexander and Christina Laing


  • Co-Directors: Allanah Colley and Rayhan Langdana
  • Communications Co-Managers: Jason Kim and Sebastian Hartley
  • Community Manager: Alice Palmer
  • Education Co-Managers: Sophie Hayman and Brianna Boxall
  • Outreach Co-Managers: Maree Cassaidy and Joy Guo
  • Pro Bono Co-Managers: Jack Alexander and Savannah Post


  • Co-Directors: Rosie Polaschek and Allanah Colley
  • Teams: Communications, Schools, Communities, Outreach, Pro Bono


  • Co-Directors: Sam Bookman and Rosie Polaschek


  • Co-Directors: Nick Dobbs and Anton Smith
  • Legal Clinics: Rohan Chauhan and Sefton Revell
  • Street Law: Julia Reynolds and Kate Haywood
  • Human Rights Project: David Taylor, Maithili Sreen and Arun Jain
  • Refugee and Migrant Group: Pasan Jayasinghe and Hui Wen Tan
  • Pro Bono Project: Gretta Schumacher and Yvonne Wang
  • Women and the Law: Lexie Kirkconnell-Kawana
  • Law Reform: Helen Broome


  • Co-Directors: Samuel Moore and Stephen Parry
  • Pro Bono: Olga Ostrovsky and Benedict Tompkins
  • Human Rights: Lewis Mills and Nicole Gordon
  • Law Clinics: Co-Directors above
  • Women and the Law: Irini Buchanan and Ana Ole
  • Refugee/Migrants: Marino Vedanayaham and Wilson Chau
  • Street Law – Law in Schools: Marie Clark and Shane Henderson
  • Street Law – Youth Law: Sarah Chesterfield


  • Co-Directors: Natasha Lewis and James Herbert
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Gopika Gnanakumar
  • Clinics Project Manager: Max Galler
  • Pro Bono Project Managers: Bryan Malapaya and Gabrielle Chin
  • Human Rights Project Manager: Katherine Mitchell
  • Refugee and Migrant Project Manager: Sara Zahedi
  • Street Law Project Managers: Alex Herman and Joey James
  • Women’s Justice Project Managers: Maxine Songan and Ana Ole
  • Prisons Project Development Duo: Max Harris and Stephen Parry


  • EJP was founded by Eesvan Krishnan and Peter Williams

Our website was designed by former Communications Co-Manager, Eugenia Woo.